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Running a local small business can be a stressful exercise. You have so many jobs that you are doing, from selling your products and services, to promoting through advertising, to managing staff and systems, to merchandising and window displays and so forth. Especially when just starting out.Your business not only needs to have the right mix of products displayed effectively, but you need to attract customers and clients through your doors. If you have plenty of passing traffic such as in a CBD main street or perhaps a popular shopping centre, then you need to focus on ways to get them to stop at your shop or store. But if you are in a quiet strip, or a location where passing traffic isn't enough, then you MUST focus on other types of marketing including internet marketing.

So how do you do local business internet marketing?

Start with a website, if you don't have one yet then David Tiong Web Consultancy can help. Promoting your local business online only through a Facebook page, or through a local business online directory, should be part of your local online marketing strategy, but not replace the essential starting point of setting up your own business website.If your website is live and well, then next up is to help people find it. Read this article to find out what you should be doing to promote your website by doing some of your own local SEO.A recent article published on Business2Community titled "6 Internet Marketing Ideas for Your Local Small Business" give some great tips to get you started with internet marketing.

[cposhort_focus color="light" background="#E3E3E3" style="shadow"]1. Verify and Promote Your Google Business Listing2. Run Facebook Ads for Your Location3. List Your Local Small Business On Industry-Specific Portals4. Organise Events and Post Them On Facebook5. Create a Meetup Group6. Create With Locals On TwitterRead more at B2C - Business 2 Community[/cposhort_focus]

Here are some other quick and easy local SEO tips to add to your marketing to do list.Write a blog on your website, include descriptive text in your web page image ALT tags, ensure consistent NAP (name, address, phone number) on all online listings of your business, create a Facebook page for your business, create "community focused" content on your website, try getting online reviews, donate to local charities and participate in local communities and forums, create an XML sitemap and submit it to Google Webmaster Tools, and make sure your website is mobile friendly.That should get you started with your local online marketing ideas, if you need more support or don't have time to manage your own internet marketing, then checkout our helpful services here.