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Based in Melbourne Australia, David Tiong Web Consultancy is managed by David Tiong (IT Project Manager) and comprises a small team of highly skilled and professional contractors that manage website creation, website growth and marketing support, and graphic design.

Originally known as David Tiong Web Design, the brand soon evolved into a more consultative role as small businesses requested ongoing support and direction in how to grow their online presence while navigating a constantly changing world of websites, social media and search engines.

Today, David Tiong Web Consultancy focuses on providing a complete website building and support experience, through carefully planned IT projects and dedicated support and training.

David has always been very responsive, proactive, understanding of my needs and overwhelmingly kind whilst still professional. I can’t fault his service.

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Often a small business becomes ‘stuck’ in the planning stage and delays building (or rebuilding) their website due to information overload and never-ending ideas.

Our project management focuses on the ‘essential work’ or the ‘minimum viable product’ and the idea of ‘less but better’ to fast track from idea to release.

This simple graphic illustrates how several smaller projects that include plan, implement, release and review, can replace one long project, and this is the key to faster business growth from early in the process. Otherwise you risk being ‘late to the game’ and letting your competition leave you behind.


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