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Who is David Tiong?

I’m a web designer and blogger based in Melbourne, Australia, where we are famous for our food, our coffee, our scenery and our “four seasons in one day” weather.

My daily activities include much more than just building websites, my role has evolved into more of a web consultant helping individuals and businesses to make an impact online. I also blog regularly about WordPress, growing your business online through marketing, social media and targeting your audience through SEO.

I like to keep things simple and to help people, so that we can be successful and enjoy doing what we love.

My Web History

My very first website I built out of HTML and CSS back in 2008 while I worked in a completely unrelated industry. I remember as a child enjoying design especially painting and drawing. Before I started creating websites I designed brochures and business cards. Setting up websites soon became a passion.

drawing and designing

There is a funny thing about the word “website”, it seems that as soon as you mention the word, people’s ears prick up. In fact it’s not just websites, or web related stuff, but anything to do with computers. When someone hears that you work in this area, then they need you. I get asked all the time to help out family and friends, so it’s lucky I found a job I love.

Before long I was building websites for local businesses. I tried my hand at blogging for a couple of years and was amazed at how easily you could interact and network with people all over the globe. It became crystal clear that publishing on the web would become invaluable for a business to reach out to new customers and to offer service to existing clients.

After experimenting with a few website platforms including Joomla and OpenCart, I found myself drawn to the ease and flexibility of the WordPress platform, so I pursued that path and after building my first WordPress website in 2009, today all websites I build are powered by WordPress software.

“I believe that it gives my clients the greatest opportunity to not only update and contribute to their own websites, but also to grow and change as their business grows and changes”


Why you should work with me

generous support and help

My testimonials speak for themselves, but here are the points that I value in doing business with you:

  • I believe in doing business that benefits both me and you
  • In life and in work, I like to be generous, trustworthy, reliable and prepared
  • To help and to teach requires expertise, but also an awareness that learning is a lifelong process
  • It is not failure, but wisdom, to call on others to support where they are better equipped
  • Feedback is critical to growth – if you truly want to improve. To do great work you must provide feedback loops to gain valuable insights
  • Be Clear – Speak Clearly and Write Clearly. I like to be understood and I like to understand, but also it is important to be clear about what I do and what I expect
  • Change is happening continuously and so being adaptable is a key to survival. This is one of the primary reasons I build your website with WordPress, because it provides flexibility to adapt with technology and demands as they change. As your business grows, so too does your website

Also I realise that success takes time. Sometimes you feel the flow, other times you hit the wall. That is okay. It is all part of the process.

Why build a website at all?

This is the ONE QUESTION that you must ask yourself before you begin. Yes everyone is jumping on the website train, but that is not a reason. Yes a business appears more professional if they have a website listed on their business cards and letterheads, but that is also not a reason.

what is the purpose of your website

So ask yourself “Why am I looking to start a website and what is the goal or aim to achieve by having this website?” Is it to increase awareness of my brand? Is it to show and tell about my products? Is it to gather feedback or to offer after sales support?

For me the biggest reason to build a website is because it is possibly the greatest time asset you can have in a business.

What is a time asset? It is an asset in your business, that creates time. It is the opposite of a time debt. Most businesses don’t work around the clock, whereas your website does. Most employees don’t answer questions 24 hours a day, whereas your website does.

Here is an example. How many times do customers call your phone just to ask if you are open, or what time you close? Well if you save on the time spent answering that question on the phone, perhaps 3 or 4 calls a week, that is 10 minutes saved each week. Not a lot, but then that does add up to almost 9 hours a year. And that is just one question, or one time debt that your website can save you.

You may be thinking that your website takes time to manage and maintain, and you are correct. A website that is setup correctly however to meet your goals, creates more time than it takes to manage. Not only that, but you can also choose to have support in maintaining your website. Overall it has potential to become an incredibly valuable time asset.

Final Thoughts

Before you leave this page, consider this. Often we know we need to do something, we may have listed all the reasons why. But the task itself can seem to big to do. Too overwhelming …

Well this is why I say “Start Small”. Start with a small step, an easy action, like clicking on the button below. It will take you to my “Website Management” information page where you can find out more about my services. This is a tiny step, but then it leads to another step. Before long you are making progress, and it was easier than you thought. And then you wonder why you waited so long to get started in the first place.

David Tiong
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