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Sometimes when talking about customising Opencart you might hear the word VQMOD dropped into the conversation here and there. So what is this VQMOD?Well quite simply it is an effective and clever way to modify your Opencart functionality without actually going in and hacking the core files. It stands for VirtualQMod and basically modifies the Opencart files on-the-fly with modification scripts.By not modifying the core files, you won't have to worry about overwriting these changes when you do an update of Opencart. The downside of course is that the VQMOD files are designed to work with certain versions of Opencart, so when you upgrade there is still the risk of incompatibilities.If you are looking to implement VQMOD on your Opencart website, then you should check out the video and the links below.

How to install VQMOD in Opencart - click here