Going through some stats the other day, I came across a valuable resource from W3Techs , that shows the usage percentages of technologies on websites such as CMS, Social Widgets, Traffic Analysis and much more. If you are looking to explore further then you can follow the link above.I've compiled some current 2015 data for February from W3Techs and displayed below in bar charts, so that you can see at a glance some of this information. For more specifics visit the W3Tech page.

What is the most used Content Management System?

A CMS, or content management system, is basically a computer application that manages the content and delivery of website pages, allowing you to create, edit and publish content to your website. There are many popular systems, but the most popular of all is definitely WordPress as shown below in the graph. Some other well-known CMS didn't make it onto the graph as their usage was 0.1% or less, including Weebly, Wix, Yahoo Small Business, Webs, and others.

What is the most used Social Sharing Widget?

Social Widgets allow websites to create interaction either from the social channel, or to the social channel and so are a popular way to extend a website's reach to fans and followers. As expected Facebook comes out on top, but Twitter and Google+ are popular also.

What is the most used Traffic Analysis Tool?

Keeping an eye on your audience provides businesses and individuals with key data that can help to identify what is or what isn't working on a website. It gives an insight into popular webpages on your site, and also often helps to identify where traffic is coming from and how you are being found online. Google Analytics rules in this area, but not everyone uses Google Analytics. Also some websites may use a combination of tools.

Did you expect to see different results in the graphs above? Information as above can be useful for businesses in determining what technologies may be good to include on their websites.