Following on from my earlier article Information pages showing in Opencart Footer – how to manage which ones are listed, I thought that you might like to know how to also modify the list of information pages shown in the Modules (such as the sidebar) and the Sitemap.The procedure is basically the same, except this time you create a VQMOD file to change the other files. For the "information pages" listing in the module you are targeting "catalog/controller/module/information.php" file. For the "information pages" listing in the sitemap, you want to be adding changes to "catalog/controller/information/sitemap.php" file.Then you simply add the following operation to your VQMOD file:<operation>

<search position="replace" offset="4"><![CDATA[foreach ($this->model_catalog_information->getInformations() as $result) {]]></search>

<add><![CDATA[foreach ($this->model_catalog_information->getInformations() as $result) {

if ( $result['sort_order'] != -1) {

$this->data['informations'][] = array(

'title' => $result['title'],

'href' => $this->url->link('information/information', 'information_id=' . $result['information_id'])



Remember to save your VQMOD file with a name that helps you to identify the file, then upload to the XML folder of your VQMOD folder.For more information, be sure to review the article on how to manage which Information pages are shown in the Opencart footer