opencart footer hide information pages

How do I remove, hide, control information pages showing up in the Opencart footer?

In earlier versions of Opencart the way to stop the listing of certain information pages in the footer, was to give the page a "sort-order" of "-1".However it seems that this functionality has been removed from later versions. This VQMOD file will give you back control of this option. In addition to this you will also get the benefit of being able to customise the file further to suit your needs.Of course firstly you must have VQMOD installed on your Opencart website. Then you need to download the file below and unzip the folder, then FTP the XML file to your vqmod > xml folder on your website. [wdsm_ad id="1352" class=" " ]The XML files looks for the catalog/controller/common/footer.php file, searches out the line for adding information page list to the footer:foreach ($this->model_catalog_information->getInformations() as $result) {

and then inserts an if statement that looks for whether "-1" has been entered in the "sort-order" field in the information page editing screen:if ( $result['sort_order'] != -1 ) {

To customise further, perhaps you don't have to just use "-1". Maybe you would prefer to still use sort order properly, then you could just start all the information pages, that you don't want listed on your Opencart footer's information pages list, with numbers greater than 50.So you would change the line in the VQMOD XML file that says :if ( $result['sort_order'] != -1 ) {

to:if ( $result['sort_order'] >= 50 ) {

Then it's just a matter of adding sort-order of 50,51,52,etc to the Opencart information pages that you don't want shown in the footer.Be sure to check that file has worked with your Opencart theme and version of Opencart. If you are familiar with using the VQMOD cache, you can FTP the catalog_controller_common_footer.php file down to your computer, open it up and check that the required line is in the correct location. Also of course you would view your website to ensure the changes are reflected.[dtwd-related-posts-sc title="For other Opencart tips:" count=5]