A quick and simple way to hide WPMU dashboard plugin alerts or other annoying "nag" updates in the Wordpress admin dashboard can be achieved with a simple piece of css display:none code in your childtheme's functions.php file.This is probably not the "ideal" way to remove these "nags" however sometimes other options can be less effective. For example in the case of the WPMU dashboard plugin alert, it's automatically triggered when you install WPMU plugins. The recommended method to remove this alert- is to install the free dashboard plugin or to make changes to lines in the plugin file that is triggering this.Of course we all know that when we make changes to theme files or plugin files, that when the next update comes along- those changes are overwritten, so then we have to go through the painstaking process of trying to remember what "mini" changes we made along the way.This is why we use "childthemes"! Just in case you are new to Wordpress and don't know what a childtheme is --> we create a childtheme that allows us to customise a Wordpress parent theme to suit our needs or the needs of our client. When the parent theme is updated, then our customisations aren't lost.This isn't an option for Wordpress plugins, so minor tweaks can sometimes be made by adding code into the childtheme's functions.php file- which is safe from updates to the parent theme.Remember to always have a backup of your Wordpress files before making any changes.So here's your code snippet to remove the following alert: [dtwd-tweet text="Hide WPMU dashboard alert"]

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[php]//add a custom css change to hide something in the dashboard function change_css_hide_wpmu_dash(){ echo '<style type="text/css"> .wp-admin div.error {display: none !important;}</style>';}add_action('all_admin_notices', 'change_css_hide_wpmu_dash');[/php]BEFORE:

Hide WPMU dashboard plugin alert


remove the alert - WPMU dashboard plugin

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