Think for a moment about this question: Do you feel that you are having success, or do you feel like you are getting no where?Do you wish you were successful? Do you envy others and say that they are "just lucky", or "they must've been in the right place at the right time". Perhaps you sit around wishing life was better, or you wish you had done things differently.Perhaps you hear yourself saying "If only I'd done ... ".

Well STOP thinking that way. It's not going to help you one little bit.I will tell you a little secret. Well technically it's not really a secret, in fact you've probably heard this said before. But this time I want you to sit up and take notice. THIS IS THE KEY..."Successful people take action"They see an opportunity. They make a decision. They act immediately.

See an opportunity - take action immediately

By approaching life this way, they don't allow the opportunity for doubt to set in. They believe in themselves. They know that they can make a difference in their own lives as well as the lives of others.Instead of considering their options, wieighing up all the pros and cons, then thinking more about it, googling or researching, doing a course, then reading a book about the subject, then entertaining thoughts of inadequacy, then wondering some more....By now the opportunity has come and gone. And perhaps other opportunities along with it.Sure enough, they get it wrong, they make the wrong choices, they fall down. But then straight away they are back on their feet, taking action again. As a result they are always moving forward, even when they end up going back a few steps, they just keep on advancing.

Fall down then get back up again

So this is the key to finding success.See an opportunity. Make a decision. Act immediately.Stop thinking about it over and over, stop learning about it and just start doing it.It's like learning to drive a car. You could play game simulations, read books about driving, watch videos, even sit behind the wheel. But until you turn on the ignition, release the hand brake, put the gear stick into drive, place your hands on the steering wheel, and press down with your foot onto the accelerator you are not driving, and you are not going anywhere.Do you know what the best time of the day is to take action?RIGHT NOW !!!

Best time of day is now

Try this exercise today and break free from the chains that hold you back. This is my "5 steps toward success" technique.Step 1. Stop and PicturePause for a moment, take a deep breath and reflect. Picture where do you want to be in the future, what do you want to be doing ? Think about how it looks, how it feels and how it sounds.Step 2. What do I need to do today?Right now, write down the exact tasks that you want to achieve today. Try to write down just the ones that you feel are most important to you. When you have written these down, make a commitment to yourself to do those tasks.Step 3. Take action immediately.Remember that the difference between the successful and the not so successful is ACTION- no excuses, no flinching. Sometimes we need to step out of our "safe" zone where we continue doing the same things day in, day out. So pick the first task on your list and do it.Step 4. Believe in yourself.It's time to lose those limiting beliefs, the ones that hold you back.You are smart enough, you are strong enough, you are fast enough. Focus on taking action.If you need help then take a moment to picture what your future will be like achieving that success that you want. It's time to do some spring cleaning. Clear away the clutter of self limiting beliefs and open up space for something new.It's a bit like opening up your wardrobe and clearing away the clutter of old clothes that you have been hanging onto, then you find that you actually had some great clothes that were hidden away that you couldn't see.In the same way- you will find space as you clear away the cluttering beliefs, and in that space is inspiration, creativity and courage.Be persistent and be positive.Step 5. Cross that task off your list and move on to the next one.Well done, you've finished a task. You should be smiling. Now it's time to continue on to the next task. Apply this technique regularly and remember:See an opportunity. Make a decision. Act immediately.So here's the challenge. Try this 5 step technique every day for the next fortnight and share back here in the comments how you went, and inspire others to do the same.