Have you ever wondered why your sales are not increasing? Or why some businesses are successful, while others seem to be stuck in a ditch?Well read on!WARNING: Some viewers may find the following content offensive. But don't feel bad if any of the following apply to you or your business. I've included some solutions to each one.

[cposhort_list icon="thumbs-down" style="square"]You aren't popular[/cposhort_list][cposhort_list icon="thumbs-down" style="square"]You don't have what I want[/cposhort_list][cposhort_list icon="thumbs-down" style="square"]You confuse me[/cposhort_list][cposhort_list icon="thumbs-down" style="square"]You are a ripoff[/cposhort_list][cposhort_list icon="thumbs-down" style="square"]You stink[/cposhort_list]

You aren't popular!

If you wander along a busy street of restaurants, you'll see that some are busting at the seams, while others look deserted? Do you grab a table at the empty restaurant, or do you wonder why no one is eating there? It doesn't matter how great your food is, people will keep walking past.
Solution: Get popular by bringing people into your restaurant. Invite your friends and your family and serve them for a supremo discount that they cannot resist. People passing by will think you are popular. Get around to some local businesses and offer group booking coupons. You can apply the same tips for any business- coupons, competitions, offers, sell to friends, sell to business buddies, just get busy being popular.

You don't have what I want!

If I want to purchase a particular product, then I'll Google to find out where it is, whether it's in stock and how much it costs. Now if I expected to find that product at your shop then I'm going to be very disappointed if it's not there. So if you are setting up your business as an office supplies store, and you don't have staples in stock, then my confidence in you goes out the door when I leave.
Solution: Have what your clients want. Keep stocks, have a reasonable range. Let me know that when I need something, you will have it ready to sell to me. If you sell chicken and chips, don't be putting up a sign halfway through lunch hour that you've sold out of chooks.

You confuse me!

Walk into any store and ask a question. The answer ideally should be tailored to the person asking. I don't have all the time in the world to listen to your sales spiel, so I'm going to switch off after the first minute or two. If I'm not engaged in what you are saying, then it's all gibberish.
Solution: When someone asks a question about a product or service, try to figure out what they are really asking. They want to know that the product is going to make their life better. Let's take purchasing a television as an example. What one person looks for in a television, is probably completely different to the next person. And I'm wondering why one television will cost me $400, whereas another will set me back $4000. Don't start rattling off a list of technical mumbo jumbo about why this television is more expensive than the other.What you should be doing is determining what I actually need. Do I only watch an hour of news each night, or am I a hardcore gamer, or do I spend hours of watching movies each week? Don't confuse the buyer, appeal to their needs and then sell then what they actually need.

You are a ripoff!

Ok so no one likes to think that they got ripped off. And if your business starts being known for ripping off customers, then that's the quickest and surest way to losing business. One unhappy customer will feel the need to tell their bad experience story to many others.
Solution: Surprisingly it doesn't mean you have to be cheap. It comes back to selling me what I actually need and will feel value in having. If a customer wants a laptop to check emails, surf the web and do some basic document editing, then they don't need the latest $3000 machine with dedicated graphics and top of the range processor. Even if that machine is on a 2 day sale for half price, it still isn't good value if it gets used for less than an hour a day. Sell them the $800 model that ticks all the boxes for what they actually need. Just because you can sell something to someone, doesn't mean that you should.

You stink!

No I don't mean that you are putting out an offensive odour, although I guess this could deter some people from entering your store. What I mean is that you are just no good at your job. If you construct a fence for me today and then tomorrow when the wind blows, it falls down, then you stink. If you sell me a watch and tell me that it's the latest and the greatest, and it loses time, then you stink.
Solution: Don't stink. Do what you are good at. You don't have to be great at everything either. If one of your services is something that you can not do well enough to save yourself, then don't do it. Hire someone else to do it for you, or get some more training to improve your skills in that area. If there is a lot of competition in a particular field, then it becomes even more important that you do a good job.That's my 5 top reasons why people won't buy from you. Don't take offense if you fall into one of these categories. Just go and do something about it. Be Popular, Over Deliver, Increase my Understanding and my Interest, Make me walk away thinking that I just got the greatest deal of my life, and Be Known for Your Professionalism and Expertise.