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Life seems too busy and too complicated. As a firm believer in finding ways to simplicity and efficiency, you’ll find most of my articles talk about automating when possible. Here are some more ways to find ways to simplify.

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Mobile detection in WordPress

Detecting mobile and tablet browsers in WordPress

Even if you are using a responsive website design, sometimes you still need to tweak your styles or scripts on mobile devices. So is there an easy way to do this on a WordPress website? Well this might be the solution, a little trick that I came across recently, the WordPress conditional tag – wp_is_mobile(). This tag allows you to determine if a visitor is looking at your website on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, using…
Async or Defer loading Enqueued Scripts in WordPress

Using Defer or Async with scripts in WordPress

Loading scripts and stylesheets is an integral part of the page loading for any website. These days we are well aware that web pages contain more interactivity, elements and scripts, accomplishing so much more than the early years when a website was just a simple HTML page (the very first website). Page Loading Speed is Important So how do we make sure that despite all the stuff that is going on while a webpage loads, the page still loads fast…
Add Instagram feed widget to website

How to add an Instagram feed to your WordPress website

Many bloggers use Instagram as part of their social media strategy. If you are looking at ways to share your Instagram photos on your WordPress website, then one option is to use the WordPress embed, which simply requires you to copy the Instagram URL of a photo and paste it on its own line in the WordPress editor. As an example if I put http://instagram.com/p/yiNjY6JrLI/ onto a line all by itself, then the following photo appears. Fallen lotus #lotus #watergarden…
Web technologies most frequently used

Web Technologies Most Frequently Used

Going through some stats the other day, I came across a valuable resource from W3Techs , that shows the usage percentages of technologies on websites such as CMS, Social Widgets, Traffic Analysis and much more. If you are looking to explore further then you can follow the link above. I’ve compiled some current 2015 data for February from W3Techs and displayed below in bar charts, so that you can see at a glance some of this information. For more specifics…
HTML5 Audio and MediaElementJs

How to Play Audio on Website

The simplest way to play audio on any website is to use the HTML5 audio tag. It’s quick and simple and only requires the following HTML code: This audio player is native to whichever browser you are using, so will look different in appearance and size on Firefox vs Internet Explorer vs Android Chrome vs IOS iPhone, etc. And if your browser doesn’t support the audio tag then you will not see any player at all and no music will…


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