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Sometimes there’s just too much on your plate, you start running behind and the “to do” list grows longer and longer. Well start getting back on track today by engaging David Tiong Web Support services.

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Welcome to the blog of David Tiong, a blend of website tips, tools and tutorials, with some fun, travels and inspiration thrown into the mix.


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Here are some of my latest articles:

How to show WordPress Gallery in a Lightbox using FancyBox

A great way to show off your photos and images is to use the WordPress Gallery. However it would be even better if you could click on the images in your gallery and they would open up in a nice looking lightbox. If you don’t already have a lightbox script on your WordPress website, included in your theme or in a plugin, then this tutorial will show you how to add FancyBox script and set it up to work with…

How to create a WordPress Search form to search for posts within a category

Once you have created great content for your WordPress website or blog, you might find that people start using your WordPress search form (if you have one setup on your website). However you soon realise that the default search form isn’t all that great. That’s why developers have created search plugins, that allow you to customise and enhance the search form. But if you are simply looking to enhance your search form, so that people can search for posts or…

How to use FTP to transfer files to your website

As a web designer who uses FTP everyday, it’s really easy to forget that often website owners and bloggers may have never used FTP and so it may be confusing when someone like me says “just FTP the new stylesheet or functions file to the website”. A client just pointed that out to me the other day. So I have included information in this post on how to use FTP, along with a link to an easy to use FTP…

How to make YouTube embed Responsive in WordPress

WordPress allows for you to easily embed a YouTube video in your WordPress website with a simple paste of the YouTube video’s URL. However if you have a responsive website, then you run into a little problem where the video is not responsive. Suddenly your website doesn’t look so good anymore as the video is wider than your website container, when viewing on smaller devices such as phones and tablets. Fortunately there is a very quick and easy way to…

Remove login username from author slug, replace with author name

If you have ever viewed the author URL on a WordPress website, you may have noticed that it might be any of the following: ▪www.domain-name.com/author/admin ▪www.domain-name.com/author/(author’s actual name or nickname) ▪www.domain-name.com/author/(combination of characters) By default this is the username that is used to login to the WordPress backend. So ideally you would want to be displaying your name or nickname. If you see the last option, then it is highly probable that this is the user’s actual login username. As…


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