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View the Latest WordPress tutorials, tips and news. Whether you are wanting to implement new WordPress techniques on your website, or learn how to use WordPress, you will find an incredible amount of information at your fingertips.

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The way we use Social Media is changing all the time. Each Social Platform competes for your time, and the time of your followers and fans. Find skills to make the most of social opportunities and learn to integrate your website with social media.

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Life seems too busy and too complicated. As a firm believer in finding ways to simplicity and efficiency, you’ll find most of my articles talk about automating when possible. Here are some more ways to find ways to simplify.

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Sometimes there’s just too much on your plate, you start running behind and the “to do” list grows longer and longer. Well start getting back on track today by engaging David Tiong Web Support services.

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mobile ready responsive websites

Is my WordPress responsive website mobile friendly?

This is the question I was asking myself a couple of days ago. I have a WordPress responsive website, and I know that it works well on mobile devices. So why would Google’s mobile friendly tester show my website as NOT friendly? Firstly let’s explore why you need a mobile friendly website. Google’s upcoming algorithm change Well according to the Google Webmaster blog in a post titled “Finding more mobile friendly search results“, Google will very soon be making a…
WordPress antispambot protect email address

3 ways you can protect your email address on WordPress

Whenever you include your email address online you are asking for spam An email address is a valuable piece of information. In the right hands it becomes valuable for your business, whether you are networking with other businesses or communicating with customers and clients. In the wrong hands, your email is soon clogged up with useless spam and rot. So how do you protect your email address on a WordPress website or blog? Email spamming is all about grabbing email…
add jQuery TimeCircles to WordPress

Add a jQuery TimeCircle Countdown Timer to WordPress

If you host an event on your website, perhaps run a competition or maybe set a product launch date, then you will need a countdown timer. One great little countdown timer is jQuery TimeCircles. It lets you set a future date and time, or otherwise you can set the timer based on number of seconds. If you set a date and time, then the countdown will finish at the set date and time. If you set a timer based on…

Passing Parameters from Shortcode to Javascript

A WordPress shortcode is used to add extra functionality to your web page. It might be to add a print button onto a page, or perhaps a toggle accordion, Google Map, or even a Retweet button. As well as outputting something to your web page, a shortcode can also be setup to allow passing parameters to a javascript file, which can be particularly useful if you need your shortcode to be used with a script file, and you want the…
Mobile detection in WordPress

Detecting mobile and tablet browsers in WordPress

Even if you are using a responsive website design, sometimes you still need to tweak your styles or scripts on mobile devices. So is there an easy way to do this on a WordPress website? Well this might be the solution, a little trick that I came across recently, the WordPress conditional tag – wp_is_mobile(). This tag allows you to determine if a visitor is looking at your website on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, using…


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