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Sometimes there’s just too much on your plate, you start running behind and the “to do” list grows longer and longer. Well start getting back on track today by engaging David Tiong Web Consultancy.

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Website Management

Looking for a new website, or perhaps just a spruce up to make it look better, function better and convert better. David Tiong Web Consultancy will help you with a range of design and support options.

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Looking to learn about websites, WordPress, Social Media and more, then check out all the latest tutorials and tips. Joining the membership will give you exclusive access to Live Webcasts and Free Bonus Content.

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WordPress Magic

View the Latest WordPress tutorials, tips and news. Whether you are wanting to implement new WordPress techniques on your website, or learn how to use WordPress, you will find an incredible amount of information at your fingertips.

Social Engagement

The way we use Social Media is changing all the time. Each Social Platform competes for your time, and the time of your followers and fans. Find skills to make the most of social opportunities and learn to integrate your website with social media.

Keeping it Simple

Life seems too busy and too complicated. As a firm believer in finding ways to simplicity and efficiency, you’ll find most of my articles talk about automating when possible. Here are some more ways to find ways to simplify and other lifestyle articles.

Latest Blog Articles

A blend of website tips, tools and tutorials, with some fun, travels and inspiration thrown into the mix.

Scams and Online Security

Protecting against scams – [video]

Online security should be a high priority for both individuals and businesses. Rather than being unconcerned, we should be proactive in reducing our risk. In 2015, cyber security threats are very real and could come in the way of ransomware, cyber espionage, cyber theft and password cracking. In 2014, “advanced attackers targeted 5 out of 6 large companies”, and “60% of all targeted attacks struck small – medium sized organizations”. “Ransomware attacks grew 113 percent in 2014, driven by a…
copyright dangers using free photos

Hidden danger of using free digital photo websites

Before you use another “free” digital image, you must read this Do you use free digital photos on your blog or your website? Well you might be sitting on a ticking time bomb! DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this article is based on my interpretation of my findings. I am not an expert in legal matters, so recommend that you do your own research in this area and consult legal advice if needed. The purpose of this article to raise…
search engine ranking and marketing your website

Increase your search appearance on Google – what you should be doing

SEO, Content Marketing and the Google Algorithm The role that SEO, or search engine optimisation, plays in today’s online search world where Google is king, has changed completely in recent years. Google has a secret formula called the Google Algorithm that they use to determine what to display when someone types a query into the Google search bar. If you mention SEO, many people immediately think of keywords, especially ranking number 1 for popular keywords to do with their business.…
Tips for content marketing

Hints to improve your Content Marketing strategy

Your content must be communicating effectively, so consider what is relevant for your audience – Answer real questions, provide product and services information, talk about the latest news, be interesting and entertaining. Adding fresh new content to your website with the aim to target your audience and increase “eyes” on your website is known as “Content Marketing”. It is as important as SEO – they go hand in hand. Since Google indexes content continuously, to enable it to provide the…
mobile ready responsive websites

Is my WordPress responsive website mobile friendly?

This is the question I was asking myself a couple of days ago. I have a WordPress responsive website, and I know that it works well on mobile devices. So why would Google’s mobile friendly tester show my website as NOT friendly? Firstly let’s explore why you need a mobile friendly website. Google’s upcoming algorithm change Well according to the Google Webmaster blog in a post titled “Finding more mobile friendly search results“, Google will very soon be making a…


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