Special characters, html entities and symbols on websites and social media

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How do you add special characters or html entities or mathematical symbols on websites and in your social media posts? Well you can see on your keyboard some of the characters, however they won’t show up properly online, because some of them are reserved for code usage and markup.

So how do you add them?

Well some are pretty simple to figure out, such as the copyright symbol, which is simply &copy; © or the &lt; < or the &gt; > signs.

But what about the others, or some of the mathematical symbols or the smiley faces or the arrows? There are many to choose from.

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Below are 2 good resources for finding the “hidden” characters that you need to make the symbols show-up online.

ℋ ⓐ Ⓥ ℯ — Ƒ Ⓤ Ƞ

Html entities at W3schools