DT hAtom Error Removal Plugin

** Update: May 15th 2015
This plugin is now available for free, to get your free copy read notes below for more information

This WordPress plugin implements the techniques discussed in the popular post- Fix hAtom microformats.

Many WordPress websites, when checked on the Google Rich Snippet Tool, are displaying errors in the hAtom microformat markup. The hAtom microformat is mainly for blog posts, so it is good to try to correct these errors.

You can follow the procedure in the Fix hAtom errors article, or you can use this WordPress plugin. This plugin makes the procedure much simpler for those who are not comfortable modifying functions.php files.

Important FAQs: Please READ!

Why is the plugin now available for free?

Google has made changes to the Rich Snippet Tool and how it shows hAtom errors. Keeping the plugin maintained, providing limited free support with setting up and customising the plugin for customers, is becoming increasingly difficult to manage for one person, so I am NO LONGER PROVIDING ANY FREE SUPPORT.

To receive your free copy of the plugin, enter the coupon code HATOM4FREE at the checkout.

What does the DT hAtom Error Removal Plugin do?

You have 7 options to choose from, to correct hAtom markup on your website/ blog posts and pages, your archive pages, and home page.

The plugin contains the function shown in my article, and so you can choose to add this function to the posts and pages on your website.

Conditional tags are used to identify different types of WordPress pages and to correct hAtom markup errors on them. Each theme works differently and adds different markup, so it is important to realise that this plugin cannot always target and correct all errors. Rather than simply remove hEntry class from all pages and then re-insert hAtom markup, it is setup to try to use existing theme markup where possible.

There are 3 home page setting options, 2 archive page setting options, 1 setting for posts, and 1 setting for pages.
The video tutorial on this page has information on the current version of the plugin, and the readme.txt file included in the plugin has information regarding specific settings. For this plugin to help you correct your hAtom errors you will need to configure the settings correctly for your website.

Will this plugin fix all hAtom errors?

Some of the settings may not work with certain themes and plugins. Also some plugins can add additional hAtom markup to your pages, that cannot be corrected by this plugin.

Do I get a refund if it doesn't work for my website?

No I cannot provide a refund. Unfortunately it is not possible to return this product as it is a digital product. However I will provide a discount coupon for any requests from customers who purchase the plugin, for a free copy of the premium hAtom Error Video Tutorial 2014, a video tutorial that shows indepth how to fix hAtom errors.

I am NO LONGER PROVIDING ANY FREE SUPPORT. If you require any help with configuring settings or using the plugin on your website then support is available at AU$75/hr. You may contact me by email on my contact page.

Is there instructions for using this plugin?

Watch the video on this page for a tutorial on how to use the plugin. Also refer to the readme.txt file included with the plugin for specific settings for the version of your plugin.

Is there styling options?

The plugin has default css styling to show the extra line at the end of your posts and pages. If you want to change the styling then you can target the following classes in your theme’s stylesheet:

.dtherpt { }
.dtherpt .entry-title { }
.dtherpt .fn { }

Alternatively, if you are comfortable with editing the plugin files, then you can edit the hatom-style.css file.

Is is possible to hide the extra line added to the pages?

The plugin has default css styling to show the extra line at the end of your posts and pages. However if you want to hide it altogether, you could add some css to your theme’s stylesheet, such as:

.dtherpt {display:none !important}

Alternatively, if you are comfortable with editing the plugin files, then you can edit the hatom-style.css file to make css changes.

How do I update the plugin?

If an update is released, then all customers who have purchased the plugin, will be emailed the update.

Very Important:
You will need to deactivate and uninstall your current plugin, before installing the new plugin. Please then proceed to configure your settings. Refer to the video tutorial on this page and the readme.txt file included with the plugin for settings instructions.

Version Release Notes are located at bottom of this page. If you do not receive an update email, when an update is released, please contact me with your order number.

Any questions not answered here?

You can contact me via my contact page if you have any pre-purchase questions.

Purchase Options (includes PayPal):
NB: use coupon code HATOM4FREE at checkout


Version Release Notes:
Current plugin version:
Version: 1.1.5 – additional home page settings options, archive page options, as well as fixes for minor compatibility issues. This version has been tested on WordPress 4.0.1.

Old plugin versions:
Version: 1.1.4 – fix plugins page settings error **Important Update

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