Create a WordPress blog and sell your house

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“How to sell your house with WordPress?”

Well that sounds like a very innovative concept. I suppose that if we have an idea for selling something, then the concept of selling it online has probably crossed our minds. But a house?

There are new online stores opening every day.

Why is selling and buying online so popular in 2012?

Firstly there is demand. People are short of time, and so are looking for more convenient ways of shopping. This involves the whole process from an idea, to researching that idea, to buying that idea. Customers are also looking to save money when possible, and often one way to save on the cost of an item is to buy it “cheaper online”.
Secondly there is now greater options for opening and running an online store at much cheaper prices than ever before and that makes selling your products (whatever they may be) quick and easy to do.

So what’s this “How to sell your house with WordPress” all about?

Well you may, or you may not, have seen recently in the news that a Northcote house sold for over 1 million dollars. The concept used to promote and sell the house was basically a social media strategy combined with a WordPress Blog.

6 weeks before the house was to be auctioned, a blog website was setup titled “Why you might want to live here by people who have”. The technique used was a simple WordPress blog website that allowed for posting (publishing online) daily stories about the house and the area to increase awareness and interest in the property.

To further advertise and promote the house and the WordPress website, social media was used. Twitter, You Tube, Picasa accounts were combined to build a “buzz” around the up coming auction.

What followed was people commenting on social media, linking to the blog, and on the day before the sale, 149 hits occurred on the blog. About 80 people turned up for the auction and the property sold for $1,055,000.

According to the real estate agents, the interest in this property became more than any other property on their listing. Read more here.

It just goes to show that a little creativity can bring about some incredible outcomes. Have you considered doing something different today?

You could have a blog up and running within a day or 2. I can help you with that, you just need to come up with the inspiring message you want share with your followers. Could be for fun or it could be to make that business idea happen. It’s all up to you.