image sliders good or bad on websites

WordPress image sliders – home page slider – good or bad?

Sliders and website design Also referred to as image carousels and slideshows, sliders are a common design aspect on many websites. Seen as a way to visually present images, or other content including text and videos, the concept of a slider is based on the idea of using a slide show to present to your audience. There was a time when image sliders were very popular, like anything new and shiny. However many online marketing experts would now argue that…
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4 steps for success

4 rules you must follow if you want to succeed

Life is becoming too complex. There is too much going on, too much information overloading our lives. Our minds are wandering aimlessly in the digital clouds, following every aspect of the lives of others and keeping up with what’s trending daily. And if we continue this way our heads will explode. Well probably not literally, but certainly we cannot possibly filter the constant and never-ending stream of information, and somehow hope to maintain productivity in our own lives. You may…
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jQuery lightbox Nivo

Add Nivo Lightbox to WordPress using shortcode function

A popular jQuery plugin for displaying images, galleries and videos in a lightbox is the Nivo Lightbox. It’s simple to use and responsive which is great for making sure that your photos look great on any device including phones and tablets. There are some easy to follow instructions on the Dev7Studios website for how to setup, otherwise they also offer a WordPress plugin for purchase. But if you feel like adding Nivo Lightbox to your WordPress website without using a…
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Improve your local business internet marketing

Local Business Internet Marketing ideas

Running a local small business can be a stressful exercise. You have so many jobs that you are doing, from selling your products and services, to promoting through advertising, to managing staff and systems, to merchandising and window displays and so forth. Especially when just starting out. Your business not only needs to have the right mix of products displayed effectively, but you need to attract customers and clients through your doors. If you have plenty of passing traffic such…
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how to add Estimated Reading Time to your website

How to add estimated reading time to your WordPress posts

Not everyone will agree with the subheading of this article, but hear me out. How often does a child say “Are we there yet?” when on a driving holiday. How often do we type into Google “How long does it take to fly from point A to point B?” Or how often do we stand in a queue wondering how much time will pass before it’s our turn. How often do we ask “how long will it take”? You get…
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Scams and Online Security

Protecting against scams – [video]

Online security should be a high priority for both individuals and businesses. Rather than being unconcerned, we should be proactive in reducing our risk. In 2015, cyber security threats are very real and could come in the way of ransomware, cyber espionage, cyber theft and password cracking. In 2014, “advanced attackers targeted 5 out of 6 large companies”, and “60% of all targeted attacks struck small – medium sized organizations”. “Ransomware attacks grew 113 percent in 2014, driven by a…
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copyright dangers using free photos

Hidden danger of using free digital photo websites

Before you use another “free” digital image, you must read this Do you use free digital photos on your blog or your website? Well you might be sitting on a ticking time bomb! DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this article is based on my interpretation of my findings. I am not an expert in legal matters, so recommend that you do your own research in this area and consult legal advice if needed. The purpose of this article to raise…
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search engine ranking and marketing your website

Increase your search appearance on Google – what you should be doing

SEO, Content Marketing and the Google Algorithm The role that SEO, or search engine optimisation, plays in today’s online search world where Google is king, has changed completely in recent years. Google has a secret formula called the Google Algorithm that they use to determine what to display when someone types a query into the Google search bar. If you mention SEO, many people immediately think of keywords, especially ranking number 1 for popular keywords to do with their business.…
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Tips for content marketing

Hints to improve your Content Marketing strategy

Your content must be communicating effectively, so consider what is relevant for your audience – Answer real questions, provide product and services information, talk about the latest news, be interesting and entertaining. Adding fresh new content to your website with the aim to target your audience and increase “eyes” on your website is known as “Content Marketing”. It is as important as SEO – they go hand in hand. Since Google indexes content continuously, to enable it to provide the…
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